A Legacy of

Every Descente garment is carefully handcrafted and has a unique story to tell. A story inspired by the life experiences of the artisans who made it and enriched by our deep-rooted Japanese heritage. It is a story told through time-honored techniques mastered by the skillful hands of our craftsman.

With Thought
And Purpose

At Descente, our long-lived ethos of craftsmanship is preserved not only by the passion and expertise of our people, but also through a comprehensive process that involves many vital steps. Meticulous planning. Rigorous verification and testing. Endless trial and error experimentation. These are the stages of development that every Descente garment undergoes as it evolves from an original, flat image into one that is real and three-dimensional. The path from concept to creation and creation to a customer’s hands is both thoughtful and purposeful.

Our Spirit of

This intensive yet inspiring process is the very heart of Descente’s craftsmanship ethos. It is one dependent on the dedication of highly skilled artisans who seamlessly work together to ensure that every product bears not only the Descente name, but holds the virtues and spirit of their craft.

Descente Size Guide

Step 1: Measure Yourself

Step 2: Determine Your Size

Correct sizing begins with the chart below. Borderline between two sizes? Order the smaller size for a fit that’s tighter or the larger size for one that’s looser. For tops — If your chest and waist measurements correspond to two different sizes, use the size indicated by your chest measurement. For bottoms — If your hips and waist measurements correspond to two different sizes, use your hip measurement size.

Size Chart

SIZE CHEST (in.) WAIST (in.) HIPS (in.)
S 34-36 28-30 36-38
M 38-40 30-33 38-41
L 42-44 34-36 41-44
XL 46-48 38-40 45-48
XXL 50-52 40-44 46-52


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